OrangesSardines Gallery
We opened our first gallery in September,
1974, in a storefront in Portland, Oregon. It
was called the 24th Avenue Gallery, after its
location near Thurman Street in northwest
Portland. The 24th Avenue Gallery was a then
needed venue for younger artists. We had the
first show of video art in the city, and also
hosted poetry readings, music and
performance art.
Portland Oregonian documents
opening of 24th Avenue Gallery
September, 1974.
Installation view,
paintings by Richard
Rezac and sculpture by
Stephen Soihl, 1975.
Three-dimensional photography by
Dominic Fucci, and equipment for
a video workshop, 1975.
Portland, Oregon
Installation view, paintings
by Judy Cooke, 1975.
Cover story on the
new gallery,
Downtown News,
October 31, 1978

Installation view, fall 1978,
paintings by Kathleen McCuistion.
Los Angeles, California
605 E. Third Street Gallery,
Los Angeles, in March, 1978.
We replaced the plate glass
windows for the ground floor
gallery, which opened in
In 1976, we moved to Los Angeles, where we
found our first downtown studio at the corner of
3rd and Central, in Little Tokyo. We opened
the 605 East Third Street Gallery in
September, 1978, and had shows there for
Kathleen McCuistion, Jim Lawrence, and Roy
DeForest. We were the second gallery to open
in the artist loft district, following Los Angeles
Contemporary Exhibitions, (LACE), which had
opened earlier the same year at its original
location in the Victor Clothing Building on
Broadway. During our years downtown, we
were part of an art scene that grew to include
more than thirty galleries.
Installation view, Portland artist Jackie Johnson looks
at paintings and drawings by Kathleen McCuistion,
September, 1974. Photo, Portland Oregonian.