OrangesSardines Gallery
In 1979 we moved two
blocks southwest to
Omar Avenue, south of
3rd Street, and opened
, starting with a
ground floor window
space. By the time we
closed in 1989, we had
used most of the building
at one time or another as
exhibition space.

Daniel Maher Gallery,
and Gallery 318 both also
occupied spaces in the
building during our time

We took our name from
Frank O'Hara's poem,
"Why I Am Not A Painter",
in which the poet
addresses the similarities
between painting and
poetry. Oranges and
sardines was an apt
metaphor for the eclectic
range of artists,
performers and events
that all found a temporary
home under our roof.

The exhibition schedule
and alternative programs
at Oranges/Sardines
earned us a reputation for
presenting innovative
work in all media.
Independent Composers
Association event, mid-1980s
Oranges/Sardines Gallery.
312-320 Omar Avenue,
Los Angeles, Calif.
Photo by Jerry Fredrick.
Carol and Ted.
Photo by
Jack Shear.
1981 reception for Patrick Slattery in the
original window gallery space at 312 Omar,
which we continued to use until about
1983. Photo by Jerry Fredrick.
Entrance gallery,
320 Omar, with sculpture
by Ivan Morrison.
Interior installation view, paintings
by Ted Waltz, 320 Omar, 1981.
With Brian Skelton, 1981.
Photo by Jerry Fredrick.
Carl Stone improvises an electronic
composition with Mineko Grimmer's
sound sculpture, 1983. Photo by
Hideo Oida.
Rika Ohara, performance,
"Neither Garlic Nor Beans",
mid-1980s. Photo by .
W.C.C.D. Authier, "No. 478",
1985, mixed media on paper,
50" X 38". Exhibited in 1986.
Installation view, Brian Skelton
sculpture in second floor gallery,
316 Omar, 1986.
Gallery History
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We continue our gallery activities today
with this website,,
which went online in August, 1999.

In November, 2000, we also opened
OrangesSardines Window Gallery
at our studio in Highland Park in
northeast Los Angeles.
Ted Waltz, up another ladder,
replacing windows for
OrangesSardines Window Gallery
in October, 2000.