The Battle for American Democracy
Carol Colin & Ted Waltz
OrangesSardines Window Gallery
Through November 2, 2004
It's the Hijacked
Ship o' State!
And there be
is supporting
your country
all the time,
and your
when it
deserves it."

Left to right: Ship of Fools, with Bill O'Reilly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann Coulter,
Rush Limbaugh, Republican House Majority Leader Tom Delay, Rudy Giuliani
(Republican No Matter What!), John McCain (I'm So Conflicted!), Zell Miller
(masthead). Senator Trent Lott Tugboat, pushing Bush's Garbage Scow, with
Secretary of State Colin Powell paddling his own surfboard in shark-infested waters.
The Hijacked Ship of State, manned by terrifying Pirates - Dubya up top,
with Karl Rove at the rudder, Condi, Rummy & Dick amidship, Wolfowitz in
the porthole, and John Ashcroft on the bow.
Valiant Defenders of
American Democracy
take the ramparts!
John Kerry and
John Edwards in the lead,
with a host of citizens, all
fighting back with our Votes!

In the foreground left, Florida
Governor Jeb Bush makes
off with some Florida votes,
calling back to Ralph Nader,
by himself in the water,
"Hold on Ralph, I'll be back
to give you a hand!"
Former Vermont Governor
Howard Dean,
continuing to get out the vote,
mans a cannon on the right.
Teresa Heinz-Kerry,
Former President
Bill Clinton,
Senator Hillary Clinton,
California Congressman
Xavier Becerra
all join in the Defense!
Barak Obama, Al Gore and local
citizens say VOTE!
Full "Battle" installation in window, below posters by
Republican Senator Trent Lott, former Senate Majority Leader, on a tugboat
pushing Bush's Garbage Scow, loaded down with the burden of this
administration's record: Our civil liberties severely diminished, but little
accomplished to enhance homeland security. Decades of environmental
protections rolled back in favor of industrial polluters. Not one net job
created, and wages down. Failure to fully fund No Child Left Behind, their
own educational reform program, cuts to community colleges, and tuition up.
That's a lot of garbage. Can we really afford four more years of this?
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Open 24/7/365
Phone: 323-256-6172
Ted Waltz and
Ann Walnum
register voters
in front of
Window Gallery,
September 26 and
October 1, 2004.