Ted Waltz

Assemblage Sculpture

The mixed media assemblage sculptures
on this page are from a series titled
"Reliquaries for the 21st Century".

"The chair is the reliquary, or shrine, for the
objects displayed on it. The character of
the particular chair adds a specific meaning
to each piece. The things I choose are
usually not altered except as combined
with other objects. Some of the pieces are
relics of unknown former owners. Others
evoke a place, or a moment in time, and
several make direct reference to art history.
Early in the series I found it interesting to
take the chair out of the context of daily
use, in most cases by hanging it on the
wall, much like the Shakers."

Ted Waltz

"Sinking Domesticity"
"Ward Chair and
Entrenching Tool"
"The Trainer"
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"Mexican Hat"
"Still Life"
"French Industrial"
"Missing Evidence"
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"Red Menace"