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Carol Colin

Below are examples of ceramics Carol Colin has
decorated in a commercial ceramics studio. The
artist draws directly on the unfired ceramic with
pencil. The glaze is applied in the same manner
with which Colin approaches painting, although
there is a welcome element of surprise in the way
glazes combine and take on some of the look of
watercolor. The artist will consider original tile
mural commissions, or other ceramic decoration,
using your choice of imagery. Please contact us
by email at:
"Highland Park Verticle", 12" X 6".
"Eagle Rock View, II", 6" X 12".
"Eagle Rock View", 6" X 12". Private collection.
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Four Seasons tile set
done from personal photos.
Each tile, 8" X 8".
Private collection.
"Dntn L.A. Touring Car", approx. 9" long. Private collection.
"Approaching Dntn L.A. from the
10 Fwy East",
vase, approx. 10" tall.
Private collection.
"N.E.L.A. Touring Car", approx. 9" long. Private collection.
"Avenue View", vase,
approx. 9" tall. Another
view on reverse.

"Highland Park Vase",
< "N. Figueroa View"
"Monte Vista Sunset">
approx. 9" tall.
"Koi Vase", approx. 8" tall.
Private collection.
"Ziggy in the Snow", 8" tile.
Private collection.

"Mam", 8" tiles with 15" plate. Collection of the artist.