Politically Motivated
Posters by Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta
The Battle for American Democracy
An evolving 3-D installation by Carol Colin & Ted Waltz

August 1 through November 2, 2004

OrangesSardines Window Gallery
5400 Monte Vista Street, Los Angeles
Open 24/7/365 - Phone 323-256-6172

This exhibit features large digital posters of drawings by
Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, a student at the L.A. County High School
for the Arts. OrangesSardines invited Tati to use the five stages of grief -
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, to interpret the idea
of Citizens Coping With the Attack on Democracy!
Her visual solutions are pointed, and her written "Artist's Warning" charges
voters in the November election to think of future generations when making our
choices. The window installation will evolve through the next months to include a
3-D depiction of The Battle for Democracy by Carol Colin and Ted Waltz.
The window includes voter registration information, and actual on-site voter
registration will be available on a future date to be announced.

Forget Florida happened: this is DENIAL
"President Gore, that sounds fantastic! We won, we won!
I can't believe we actually won! Yes! Yes! I'm so totally
ecstatic! President Gore! We won! We won! I can't believe
we actually won! We did it! Yes! I can't believe Gore won! I'm
so totally ecstatic! I'm on cloud nine!" "The election results
are 49-51, Bush. Bush is our new President!"
ANGER -after watching the O'reilly guy.
"No, I'm not..."
BARGAINING - after learning the Democratic party didn't
have enough money (or power) Will pick cotton or pump
gas for Democracy.
"Maybe I can raise enough for the
coming election. Wait, I do have that car tax refund, no, I'll
donate that- Then could we have Gore, or democracy

DEPRESSION - after finding out some bad news on - what
else? Fox talk radio. "Death to commence in ten, nine,
eight..." "Former Vice-President Gore announced that he
plans not to run for president again in 2004. He remarked
that we should stand by our president."

ACCEPTANCE (never!) right
before going in to vote in an
election that was surely hitched.
"Ten inch platforms, a pair of
coffee can stilts, and a cliff are
all I need..."
Posters by Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta