One month following the September 11, 2001
terrorist attacks on the United States, we
discovered this exuberent display of hand
painted American flags on a street corner in
the San Fernando Valley.
Moved by this heartfelt tribute, we
returned the next day to photograph the
flag pole.
The woman who answered our knock
was as pleased with the flags as we
were, but she couldn't tell us for sure who
had made them. She sent us in the
direction of another nearby home. "I
think the guy who did it might live back
Following her lead, we eventually found
artist Steve Alf, who had made and
collected the flags and installed them on
the street in response to the tragedy.
The "Flag Pole"
In response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we dedicate this page
to the memory of all the thousands of individuals, each with his or her own unique
and precious spirit, whose lives were taken that day. We also honor those whose
lives were lost in the events flowing from 9/11/01, and everyone who is working
now towards peace. The American flag is the symbol of our shared ideals.

A few found flags were included: a cloth
patch flag sandwiched between two clear
plastic cups, a ceramic coffee mug
decorated with a flag, a plastic flag
All the images were nailed or wired
to a telephone pole.
The flags were painted on canvas board,
wood, and metal, on framed glass and
on a match book.
Then we knocked on the closest door
to try to find out who the anonymous
artist was.
Many of us are displaying the flag now.
Cars, homes, grocery stores and
skyscrapers are festooned with the red,
white and blue. But we are still most
moved by the personal effort involved in
Steve Alf's flags. Long may they fly.